Skeletime® System

Save at least 50% of working time and without dust

The product line Body Shop, Skeletime Interface 45 e Pad Totem and The product line for industry, Skeletime Pad 54 Industry
They are an innovative system of sanding supports, with self-modeling steel skeleton unique in the world and patented, which combined with your sander and abrasive in use facilitates your daily work with a simple method.
Designed for your work needs in the sector Body Shop or industrial, both solutions reduced drastically yours labor force
in addition to offering many other benefits, with amazing final results.

Skeletime® transforms your sander and your abrasive into a high productivity tool.
Skeletime® auto models the abrasive on the surfaces to be sanded and maintains a hard support for the rectification of surface imperfections.
Skeletime® also facilitates the inexperienced operator to obtain perfect sanding results, but enhances the skills of the professional.
Skeletime® totally sucks up dust thanks to its self-modeling support which always remains in contact with the surface to be sanded.
Skeletime® self-modeling on the surface to be sanded, prevents accidental damage to the artifacts.
Skeletime® does not affect the profile of the surfaces but recreates them perfectly.

Directly from your sander perfect surfaces as handcrafted and you save time.

Save at least 50% of working time and without dust
Skeletime the difference
Without Skeletime
With Skeletime

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